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We offer our analytical services for a variety of commodities such as vegetable oils & fats, fatty acids, oilseeds,  extractions, poultry and cattle feeds, fish meals, meat meals and bone meals, fertilizers, micronutrients, mineral mixtures, organic manures, food products & nutritional labelling, minerals & inorganic salts, agricultural produce commodities and the like.

We have a modern and well-equipped Analytical & Testing Laboratory, managed and manned by a team of academically qualified and professionally experienced personnel proficient in different scientific and technological disciplines. We are members of a number of prominent trade associations including The Solvent Extractor’s Association of India and are associated with their various Quality Control Schemes as their Approved Analysts. We are also on the panel of a number of important Public and Private bodies including the Government of India Undertakings. Our laboratory issues quality certificates which find wide acceptance and are an important safeguard to both buyers and sellers.

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Our Areas

Rice Brans / Oil Seeds / Oil Cakes, Deoiled Cakes

Vegetable Oils

Poultry & Cattle Feeds

Fish Meals, Meat Meals & Bone Meals

Mineral Mixture & Organic Manures

Fertilisers & Micronutrients

Food Products & Nutritional Labelling

Minerals & Organic Salts

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